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This document was first published 2018-11-29 03:25:20, and last modified 2019-05-10 18:06:28.

HP700/RX X Terminal Software

For the last weeks I was going through my old hardware (I keep a whole museum in my basement, and I go through it to see what still works every decade or so :). When I tried out my HP 700/RX 19Ca X Window System terminal (with a whopping 8MB of extended memory, in addition to the 2MB internal RAM, and 2MB of video framebuffer), I was overjoyed to find an old AUI transceiver, my HIL keyboard and mouse (from an HP 735) and the boot files, still on my local tftp server, so it booted quite fine:

The terminal fully booted, running the local VUE/RX manager. Yay, I feel right at home.

Thinking about being lucky enough to have the files still on my tftp server, I googled a bit, and found that most if not all links to the software have fallen off the internet, or are for newer versions than my terminal.

So I decided to publish a dump of my files.

The tar unpacks into a directory called 700X, and this directory is what the terminal typically wants as /tftpboot/700X or /usr/lib/X11/700X - check the error messages from your tftp server to find where it wants those files. Oh, and you can configure the terminal by pressing F12 before it boots, or holding F12 after it boots.

If you have such a terminal I assume you know how to configure XDMCP, TFTP and so on. If you have one and run into trouble you can't solve, you can contact me.

What follows is a boring dump of some selected files, so you (and search engines) can see what you get. The archive has 2776 entries.

bin/X11R4/dkmserver     bin/C3264A              bin/flashcpimg
bin/X11R4/flashcpimg    bin/C3265A              bin/format
bin/X11R4/format        bin/DEC_XTrap           bin/hpterm
bin/X11R4/hpterm        bin/Floppy              bin/modules.700rx
bin/X11R4/mwm           bin/KBidext             bin/modules.ld
bin/X11R4/twm           bin/Log2File            bin/mwm
bin/X11R4/vt320         bin/Makemap             bin/popupd
bin/X11R4/vuerx         bin/Mbuf                bin/twm
bin/X11R4/vuewm         bin/Mpeg                bin/vt320
bin/X11R4/xclock        bin/NFSServer           bin/vuerx
bin/X11R4/xterm         bin/PPP                 bin/vuewm
bin/Aserver             bin/SXext               bin/whiteboard
bin/C2700A              bin/ScanServer          bin/xclock
bin/C2708A              bin/SharedX             bin/xflash
bin/C2730A              bin/Snmpd               bin/xflash.hlp
bin/C2730ATR            bin/SnmpdV2             bin/xlock
bin/C2730AVG            bin/Sync                bin/xterm
bin/C2731A              bin/Telnet              bin/xtkeymap_DB
bin/C2731ATR            bin/Video_Play          bin/
bin/C2731AVG            bin/XEntria             bin/
bin/C3230A              bin/XEntriaM            bin/
bin/C3231A              bin/XEnvizex            bin/xtouchCfg
bin/C3233A              bin/XHILKeymaps         doc/READ.ME
bin/C3234A              bin/XIdle               doc/TECHREF6.LJ.Z
bin/C3236A              bin/XPS2Keymaps         doc/TECHREF6.PS.Z
bin/C3253A              bin/XTest               doc/TECHREF7.LJ.Z
bin/C3253ATR            bin/XTouch              doc/TECHREF7.PS.Z
bin/C3253AVG            bin/Xie                 doc/
bin/C3262A              bin/dkmserver           doc/xtkeymap_ed.doc
bin/C3263A              bin/dtwmlite

Update 2019-05-10: Links!

Exciting times for 700/RX users: Anders Gavare is reverse engineering the ROM and is experimenting with, someday, maybe, having a development environment for it, so you could write your own software for these boxes.

You can find some more info on his webpage on the 700/RX. He is also apparently working on supporting the 700/RX in his gxemul emulator, can already run a "Hellow, World!" program and is quite far in reverse engineering the executable format, memory map, and more.